Highlander Mosquito Coils CDU (20 x 10pk) RRP £2.99

Highlander Mosquito Coils CDU (20 x 10pk)

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Highlander Mosquito Coils are great for keeping both midges and mosquitoes away. They are intended primarily for outdoor use though because the particulates in the smoke they create can prove harmful over time and extended use. The active ingredient in this product is 3% Dimefluthrin – a member of the Pyrethum group of insect repellents that are derived from the Chrysanthemum plant.

Supplied in a packet of 10 Mosquito Coils with a small metal stand for supporting each coil as it burns.

The Highlander Mosquito Coil have a diameter of about 11cm and typically each coil will burn for about 6 to 8 hours.

CDU 20 x 10 coils per pack.

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