Magic Trout Powerbait Various Flavours 6x50g


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Perfect malleability, extremely attractive aroma and the right colours.

This was the principle behind the development of the new Magic Trout paste.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

6 x 50g per pack


Garlic Red

Garlic Black

Garlic Yellow

Strawberry Pink/Red

Cheese Chartreuse

Black Liquorice

Candy Red / White

Crabby Pink

RRP £4.99 each



Candy Red/White 6x50g, Cheese Chartreuse 6x50g, Crabby Pink 6x50g, Garlic Black 6x50g, Garlic Red 6x50g, Garlic Yellow 6x50g, Licquorice Black 6x50g, Strawberry Pink/Red 6x50g

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